Once again it was wonderful to see so many canines of all breeds and sizes arriving in their droves to take part in the annual fun dog show. Despite the inclement weather in the morning many people stayed to enjoy the activities on offer. As well as the main show there was a fastest recall competition, Dachshund racing and a chance to have a go at agility which is physically and mentally stimulating for dogs.

Before the classes began Ruth with Chase and her team from ‘Paws Obedience’ amused the crowd by showing off their range of dancing skills. There were twelve classes in the main show with rosettes going up to tenth place. It was lovely to see so many Glebe pupils present with their furry friends. Well done to all of you who managed to win rosettes, but it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get one because you all went home with the best dog in any case!

For the record congratulations must go to Ferdi and Ned with their friend Millie, who is the grand old age of 17, who won the Veteran class, and also to Ruby Turner-Smith whose dog won the Waggy Tail event amongst stiff opposition! The winner of the Best In Show was Beth Crisp with a ruby King Charles Cavalier called Oakley, and the Reserve Best In Show went to Tara Warren with Bear, a Rottweiler.

A huge THANK YOU must go to the following people - to my wife, Amanda, for organising the whole event along with Frodo, the editor of the Barking Bugle; to Kevin, our compere, whose unique brand of humour kept the spectators thoroughly entertained; to Diana who organised the Dachsund racing; to Alex who was in charge of the fastest recall competition and to all those people who assisted in the smooth running of the show. We all look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at next year’s event.

David Whitehill

Sicut Aquilae - 'they shall soar on wings as eagles'