12th November 2017

I hope that like me you enjoyed the half term holiday and are now delighted that the children are back in school!

I am starting this blog with a warm welcome to Jaybe Beck who has joined Division III at the School that his father, James, attended as a pupil.

Welcome also to Charlotte Caley who has joined us to do her placement for her college course primarily in Reception. We are also delighted to welcome back Old Aquilian, Hattie Crown, who has been helping out with girls’ boarding for some time and is now also doing a college placement in Division IV.

I am also pleased to share with you the wonderful news that Connor Chauhan-Jennings and Ellie Dix were successful in their entrance exams and interviews to Wisbech Grammar School. Many congratulations to both of them.

Last week's sport

U8 Tag Rugby Festival at Norwich School, Monday 6th November

There were ten teams who took part in a 6-a-side tournament. We played six matches in total, winning two, losing three and drawing one. We all played really well but my joint Man of the Match goes to Jaybe for scoring nine tries in his first ever Tag Rugby experience, and to Freddy for taking lots of tags. Well done team!

Benjy Lantos (Captain)

GHS U11 Quicksticks tournament, Tuesday 7th November

On Tuesday afternoon we hosted our annual Quicksticks tournament and were joined by teams from the following Primary Schools: Dersingham, Docking, Gayton, South Wootton and St Martha’s. It was a busy afternoon with matches coming thick and fast (partly because it was so chilly!). I was very grateful to Katie, Rose and Rosie (yr 10 pupils at Smithdon High School) for their umpiring and to Mrs Bower for setting up the pitches and accompanying the girls. Our team of Div Vs played well, winning one match, drawing one and losing two. The final was between South Wootton and Dersingham with victory to South Wootton.

U9 Tag Rugby v Downham Prep, Wednesday 8th November

Downham won the toss and started with the ball. Our defensive line was brilliant but then we lost our concentration and they scored. Then Caleb scored a try for us. At half-time the score was 7 tries all.
The second half started brightly for us with Archie scoring straight away. The match was really exciting and always very close. The game ended in a 13 all draw. Everybody played their part. I managed to score two tries as did William; Archie and Freddie each got 4 and Caleb scored the other. My joint Man of the Match goes to Will and Jaybe. Well done everyone!

Edward Gostling (Captain)

U10 Hockey v Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall, Wednesday 8th November

I won the toss and chose to have first push back. Mabel started us off but we were slow to start, being punished by Langley with an early attack. They scored a goal but it was ruled out due to a foot fault. We managed to regroup and begin an attack but Langley intercepted and passed the ball forward to the D, scoring a lucky goal. Following the resulting push back we started to play better as a team and created a few attacks of our own. Unfortunately Langley managed to score two further goals before half time.

At half time we had an encouraging team talk from Miss Hubbard who told us to use the width of the pitch and spread out more as a team.

Langley got quickly back into their stride, scoring straight away. They created some good scoring opportunities but Annabel was playing well in goal and foiling their chances. Annabel was excellent and saved us from conceding more goals. Langley managed to score another 3 goals. Towards the end of the game we managed to have a few attacks of our own but their keeper prevented us from scoring.

My girl of the match is Annabel for her great saves and saving our blushes from a heavier defeat.

Next time we need to take our free hits quicker and use our eyes to make sure we haven’t left areas of the pitch uncovered.

Gracie Mae (Captain)

U11 Tag Rugby v Downham Prep, Wednesday 8th November

On Wednesday 8th November, the under 11 team played a tag match against Downham prep. They were a strong side and after trading tries the Downham team pushed ahead, scoring several unanswered tries. We ran the ball well but our tackling was poor overall. We scored a few tries through Charlie, Edward, Ethan and Theo.
The second half was slightly better and we managed to score several more tries, the best being an end to end run from Ferdi. The final result was 20-11 to Downham.
The man of the match was Ferdi.

U13 Hockey v Langley @ Taverham, Wednesday 8th November

Glebe U13 girls played a hockey match against Langley. I won the toss and chose first centre pass. We started well with Elinor scoring a great goal, but soon after that Langley came back scoring 2 goals. The score at half time was 2 – 1 to Langley. In the next half Alice scored, but Langley scored 4 more goals. It was a tough match but we need to work on spacing around the pitch and, in defence, staying your side and marking the player that they would cross to. Well done girls, it was a good match.

Ruby Crane (Captain)

U13 Hockey v Moreton Hall, Thursday 9th November

Glebe U13 girls played Moreton Hall who were on tour. I won the toss and we started with the first centre pass. We knew Moreton Hall were good but we really battled and were close to scoring but they got past our defence and scored two goals. Kitty made an amazing save and Livi did really well in defence by getting the ball out of the D in the quickest way possible. At half time it was 2 – 0 to Moreton Hall. We had a good team talk with our step-in coach Mr Gladstone and he told us we were doing well. In the second half they started by only scoring a couple of goals, but as the match went on everybody started to get tired therefore letting three more in. The overall score was 7 – 0 to them but we played really well. They were a very good team, but because we kept going they didn’t score as much as they could have. My girls of the game are Olivia for being a really strong defender and Kitty for making two amazing saves and also saving goals when they kept shooting again and again.

Ruby Crane (Captain)

U11 Hockey v Downham Prep, Friday 10th November

Downham Prep travelled to Glebe to play hockey. I won the toss and chose 1st push back. We started the game by getting into the D and Mabel scoring. Downham had a push back but we intercepted and scored 2 more goals.

We had an encouraging team talk by Miss P at half time and started again by scoring 2 more goals through Emelia and myself. Downham had a few chances to score but Ruby and Sydney defended well and passed the ball to the forwards, the result being that Lily scored the final goal.

My girl of the game was Sydney for excellent defending.

Well done team for a 7-0 win.

Gracie-Mae (Captain)

Other events last week

Visit of Joanna Grochowicz, author of ‘Into the White’

We were delighted to welcome Joanna to Glebe House School on Tuesday. The Prep School listened with huge interest to the tale of the preparations and successful journey to the South Pole made by Robert Falcon Scott and his companions in 1912. Joanna allowed a number of children to be involved in the story, dressing up as members of the expedition – see below Will Saunders as Herbert Ponting. She took us to the point at which Scott’s tired party had arrived at the South Pole, only to realise that the Norwegian, Amundsen, had beaten him to it! She then left us to discover for ourselves what happened next!

Stephen Bacon, whose Great Great Grandfather was engineer on Scott’s 1904 expedition on the Discovery, attended the talk and joined Joanna and myself afterwards, where she enjoyed hearing about the connection and seeing the letter from Captain Scott to Glebe House School, thanking the pupils for donating £3, 17s & 6d which paid for a husky named Glebe to go on the expedition.

Thanks to the generosity of John and Barbar Cushing, owners of the Thursford Collection, Division VIII were able, on Tuesday, to attend the final dress rehearsal for this year’s Christmas Spectacular. They came away having thoroughly enjoyed the show and having gained an appreciation of all that goes into preparing for such an event.

I am sure that everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks party on Wednesday evening and I would like to extend, as always, our huge thanks to the Parents’ Committee and in particular Nick and Kirstin Crane for their organistion of yet another excellent occasion. Thank you too to those who donated wood and to our groundsman Steve Marsh for building the fire.

On Friday we held our annual Act of Remembrance in the School Hall for staff and pupils and this morning, at St Mary’s Old Hunstanton, Maude Poulter and Piers Henderson once again read the names of Old Aquilians who died in the First and Second World Wars and we remembered Benjamin Whatley who was killed nine years ago in Afghanistan. Thank you to all the members of the school and their families who joined us in the church.

This week

Please see Lisa’s ‘What’s On’ sent on Friday to remind you of things taking place this week including the Eagle Performers’ rehearsal on Saturday afternoon replacing the ‘Purple for Polio’ evening event.

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Please do continue to save your paper recycling at home and to place it in the large blue bin in the car park near the astroturf. We had our first collection this week as the bin was nearly full: Thank you.

Have a good week,

John Crofts

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