We are pleased to welcome Kate Stevens into the school from tomorrow. Kate will join Division Vll and L'Estrange and we hope will very soon feel a part of the Glebe family.
Dear Parents
For many children half term has started with illness and hopefully it is an opportunity for children to recover fully. I have been informed this evening that one pupil has been diagnosed with scarlet fever. This involves temperature, sore throat, headache and a sandpaper rash, but with antibiotics it is usually over in a few days. If your child is suffering in this manner it would seem advisable to consult a doctor.
Probably the most significant thing for the whole school community last week has been the presence of our visitors from Guangzhou in South Eastern China. I continue to be grateful to the families who are hosting these children, including Mr & Mrs Turner who have had three children in the boarding house and with them over the weekend. Mrs Fraulo & Mrs Crofts have been looking after the adults. It has been most pleasing to see the way in which our children have 'adopted' the visitors, who have appreciated their support. Fortunately many of them have very good English and are able to benefit from being in class as well as enjoying, in some cases, a taste of boarding with a trip to Farmer Fred's. This week some of them will be going into Nursery on Monday and into Reception on Tuesday to help them celebrate Chinese New Year.
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