We know that an independent education constitutes a significant
financial investment in a child's future, and so we suggest ways to help support parents:

  • In reception, many children are eligible for Early Years Funding, which can help reduce the first year’s school fees by up to £1,500
  • We offer a 10-month interest free payment plan, helping parents to spread the cost of school fees across the year
  • We offer a 5 per cent sibling discount to second and subsequent children attending the school in the same period
  • Scholarships for academic, sporting and musical excellence are available to gifted and talented Prep children, and can offer a substantial reduction on school fees
  • Parents and guardians can take up to £243 of salary per month tax free as Childcare Vouchers, which can be used towards boarding
  • Grandparents can contribute up to £3,000 per year, tax-free for each child, maximising the potential of wider family support
  • We offer a number of means tested assisted awards (bursaries), dependent upon household income. As a broad guide, household income of £25,000 or less is likely to qualify for a high level of assistance, while families with an income of up to £50,000 may be offered financial support on a sliding scale

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