From the Headmaster 7th May

It is always difficult to know where to start in summing up the previous week, but I hope you will excuse me by starting with an event that I played a small part in.

It was drizzling as four cars made their way to Great Yarmouth for the start of the Great Glebe House Cycle Ride, which would take place over two days from the far side of Norfolk to Hunstanton. However, once at our destination the conditions were almost ideal for the first leg of about 10 miles to Winterton. Thanks to Andy Saunders we had a well planned route and we, ranging from Division ll to nearly 60, set off in high spirits.

Parents were waiting for us by the beach cafe at Winterton and energy levels were restored and we set off with Gracie-Mae Meek and Molly Sisman opting to continue on the 13 mile second leg to Happisburgh and further deserved refreshment.

Tony Meek, Andy Saunders, Kevin Sisman and Nick Brigden then headed off on the most challenging leg to the overnight stop in Sheringham. Somewhat saddle-sore we enjoyed a quiet drink or two before heading to beds ready for the second day.

Retrieving bikes from the safety of the Sheringham Fire Station on Sunday morning, the merry band went up and down some tortuous hills en route for the Victoria Hotel in Holkham, where they were reunited with the children for the 16 mile final leg to school.

All the party can be justly proud of their efforts whether it be the 'Fab four' who cycled every mile of the event, Gracie-Mae and Molly who each did 40 miles or the youngest children, Archie, Will and Tabitha who each did over 25 miles across the two days. Thank you also to Missy who joined us on Sunday.

Money raised is still coming in, but so far it is over £200 for Macmillan Cancer Support and the GHS Foundation.

Oundle Science Day - a joint report by Edward, Kitty, Alice and Joel

On Tuesday a group of four scientists from Division VI accompanied by Mr Crofts (due to Mr Turner's illness - from which he, after a spell in hospital, has recovered well) went to Oundle School to take part in a science competition.

The day started with physics and this was entitled 'The Science of Stopping', which involved making a safe container in which to land an egg in without cracking it.

We had a limited amount of materials which included paper, bubble wrap and Sellotape as well as 15 minutes to complete the task. Alice and I were successful but unfortunately Edward and Joel's endeavours were to no avail as there was a sticky mess when they opened it up !

After lunch we embarked on the second task which was in the Design, Engineering and Technology Department. This was great fun and we had to programme a robot with six moving parts to pick up an egg cup containing a ping pong ball which it then had to deliver into a tube to which we had to connect further components to allow it to successfully drop onto a pad to be launched at a target. We split into two groups with Kitty and Edward doing the programming and Joel and Alice constructing the delivery shute. We thoroughly enjoyed our effort and were pleased with the result.

After DET we went to Biology and we learnt about DNA. After an explanation we made our own sample of DNA by sucking the inside of our cheeks, transferring this into a tube, adding a chemical, putting it in a hot water bath and finally adding ethenol. We then added a colourant to the phial and hung it by a chord around our necks!

Our final challenge was Chemistry and we did an experiment to test the effect of temperature on solubility.

We dissolved amonium chloride in 4cc of boiling water and then cooled this solution in an ice bath and noted the temperature at which we saw crystals (85 degrees C). We then repeated the experiment with 5cc of water and saw that the crystallisation temperature was lower at 70 degrees C. The conclusion of further experiments was that the more water you use the lower the crystallisation point.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day at Oundle and thank you to our hosts and to Mr Crofts for taking us and supporting us through the workshops.

Edward Pearson, Kitty Robinson, Alice Kilby and Joel Haslam


It was good to see a large number of children ranging from Division lls playing Trigolf to U13 girls many making their cricketing debuts enjoying the experience this week. There is a report on the U13 girls below.

The week was then rounded off by Barber's winning the House Rounders competition, with Daisy Waddison in fine form, and the Junior competition being shared between L'Estrange and St Edmund's - a good division of the spoils!

U13 Cricket v Gresham’s

On Wednesday 3rd May, the U13 girls played their first Cricket match of the season, at home against Gresham’s. We played 10 a-side in pairs.

Gresham’s opened the batting and Elinor took a wicket on the first ball. This set us up for a very good innings. Everyone bowled well. Lucy and I took a wicket each, Elise and Maude stumped a player out each and Maude took a great catch. Gresham’s scored 62 runs.

Then we went into bat with Ruby and Alice opening. We batted well but didn’t run enough so despite our efforts we only scored 40.

I don’t have a ‘Man of the match’ because everyone played well. We need to remember to stay focussed all the time and try to run more.

Well done team!

Georgina Abell-Plant (Captain)

Picture of the Week

Picture of the week is awarded to Ben Stonebridge for his relief printing and stencilling with sponges. Great work Ben!

Music making

Finally we rounded off the week with an Informal Concert of quality and promise with thanks to all who took part and the staff and parents who support them

And now we're into another week which will culminate in the Dog Show and the Triathlon on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

See you there, but please can we have some warmth!

John Crofts

Sicut Aquilae - 'they shall soar on wings as eagles'