Headmaster’s Blog 18th March 2018

Dear Parents,

As the wind blows in from the east and we have a small amount of snow, I can’t help feeling that it is at least the weekend and school was unaffected last week and it should be better by Monday!

Meanwhile a few notes to update you on last week and to keep you informed about next week.


Reception go to William Neave's farm

The Reception class and their teachers visited the Norfolk countryside this week visiting two farms on the Houghton Estate led by farmers Helen and Adam Neave
The day began at Houghton Long Horn Cattle Farm where we spent time feeding and stroking the pretty Jersey cows. David Lewis the farm manager told us about the new milking parlour and how all the organic milk the cows produce is sold to McDonalds. Next Tom the herdsman took us to see the orphaned lambs and calves who are being bottle fed at the moment.

We then drove on to William Neave’s farm where we took a break and enjoyed juice, biscuits and malt loaf. Farmer Helen told us that wheat and barley are the main ingredients and that they grow these crops on the farm.

Emily, the farm’s agronomist (we called her the crop doctor!) came to meet us and talked about her job and how she helps lots of farmers with their crops. We all boarded the large shoot truck and set off around the farm stopping to look at the crops just beginning to grow. Helen and Adam showed us items of food that are products of the crops grown on the farm such as rape seed, wheat and barley.

After a very busy morning it was time for lunch which we shared at William’s house in Rudham. William very kindly allowed the children to have rides on his Gator(TM) which was great fun.

Time to return to the farm, this time to look at the farm machinery such as the plough which were all very impressive. Finally, we went to explore a mound of grain which the children enjoyed climbing into.

We returned to school with some very sleepy children!

Thank you William, Helen and Adam for a very exciting day on the farm and for the information packs, ‘Where does food come from’ book and fresh eggs.


Sports reports


U10/11 Netball v Beeston, Wednesday 14th March

I lost the toss and chose first centre pass. We started off passing well and got the ball into the circle resulting in an amazing goal by Annabel. Beeston also scored.

In the second quarter we were told to spread out more and we did. We scored 3 goals and Beeston did the same.

In the third quarter, we were getting tired but Beeston were still very quick and they scored twice. With great effort from everyone, Annabel scored and we felt a boost in confidence.

In the final quarter, we were getting even more tired. Mabel and Annabel scored but it wasn’t enough because Beeston scored 3 times.

The final score was 6-9 to Beeston. Well done girls. In the next game we need to spread out and strengthen our defence.

My man of the match is Ruby for playing in a new position. Well done team.

Sydney Hipwell (Captain)


U13 Netball Tournament at UEA Wednesday 14th March

Our first match was against Norwich High School. They won the toss and chose to have the first centre pass. We intercepted and passed the ball well in this match, allowing Olivia to score three goals and one for Ruby. The final score was 4-0 to us.

In the next match we were against Gresham’s. We won the toss and chose to have the first centre pass. I passed the ball to Ruby who quickly got the ball in the circle to Olivia who scored a goal. In the second half Ruby and Olivia scored one goal each and the final score was 3-0 to us.

Our third match was against Norwich School B team. We passed the ball well resulting in five goals to us in the first half. In the next half we swapped positions and I went as goal shooter. Olivia scored another two goals and I scored one. The final score was 8-0.

Our last match was against Norwich school A team. We won the toss and chose to have first centre pass. We started well with Olivia scoring three goals. Our passing was effective and Olivia scored a final two goals. The end score was 5-0 to us.

We won all our matches and came first in the tournament. Well done everyone for playing really well, particularly the defence, who didn’t allow any goals to be scored against us.

My player of the tournament is Olivia for scoring 10 goals.

Molly Sisman (Captain)


U9 Hockey v Town Close Tuesday 13th March 2018

We played Town Close at Dragons Hockey club, which was a great pitch to play on. We played really well as a team and there was some great tackling and passing. We were on the attack for most of the game and had quite a lot of shots on goal, but when they were saved we didn’t follow up to take another shot.

We drew the match 0-0. The whole team were man of the match as everyone played well and we worked together as a team. Thank you Mr Whitehill for your positive team talk as well.

Will Saunders (Captain)


U11 Hockey v Beeston away, Wednesday 14th March

We were hoping to win as we had not won a match yet. We started well with good passes which led to Ferdi scoring a goal. Beeston then had the ball, but we managed to get it off them and Ferdi scored another goal.
After half time, Beeston started and we conceded a few short corners, but due to our excellent defending, Ethan only had to save one shot. Beeston got the ball back but Tate made some very good clearances. After some more good passes, Theo passed the ball from the edge of the D and as the goalkeeper missed it, the ball went into goal, making the score 3 nil to Glebe. Overall a very good effort. Our passing and tackling have improved massively, which led to us winning. My man of the match is Theo for great passing and tackling, as well as an amazing goal. Well done everybody, keep up the good effort!


U9s netball v Beeston Hall, Wednesday 14th March

I won the toss and chose first centre pass.

Beeston had most of the possession to start with but could not score. Fortunately, we then got the ball and Scarlett scored a great goal. This gave us a 1-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Scarlett scored again but Beeston quickly caught us up by scoring two. At half time the score was 2 all.

In the third quarter Maisie scored one more goal, putting us in the lead, but Beeston soon scored again.

In the final part of the game we worked hard, but Beeston scored once again, giving a final result of 3-4 to Beeston.

My girl of the game is Eliza for her non-stop effort. We need to work on our bounce passes when we cannot pass it overhead. Well done team.

Orla Haslam (captain)


U9 Hockey v Beeston Hall, Wednesday 14th March 2018

We didn’t start the match well and they got a goal straight away. We tried to stay positive and to keep tackling but they scored a second goal. We didn’t let our heads drop though and all tried to work hard. In the second half they scored two more goals, but we got one back with a goal from Edward.

My man of the match was Edward for his good midfield play and hard work.

Will Saunders (Captain)


Ellie Dix's T shirt is 'picture' of the week for her lovely tie dye T shirt with extra decoration.


Charity Committee activity

The school charity committee have decided to revive an idea of Mr Jones from a few years ago and do a meat raffle for two prizes; one of half a sheep and one of half a pig the meat is a very kind gift to the school from Snettisham Park, courtesy of Trevor & Colleen Newton-Walters and Edward & Mary Stanton.

Your children will bring home a sheet with spaces for people to buy an entry in the draw. There are 11 spaces on the sheet so there is an incentive for the children to sell 10 spaces at £1 and a further one which is for them.

The raffle sheets should be returned by the 30th of April and prizewinners will then be informed and collect their meat in May or June.

I very much hope you will support your children to complete at least one sheet. Further sheets can of course be obtained from the Office.


I am pleased that Kitty Robinson & Elise Barber are trying to raise some money for World Downs Syndrome Day next Wednesday, by selling bracelets at the end of school on Monday & Tuesday. The bracelets cost £5 each and can be worn at school.

Each bracelet comes with information including

The I AM campaign is about taking your unique place in the world, accepting everyone’s differences, always looking for the very best in yourself and others, letting all that is especially special surface and shine brightly, making the world kinder, more compassionate and patient, more beautiful and multifaceted each time.’

‘These bracelets have been created in North Norfolk hideaways by wonderful people of all ages who believe that non-diversity is dull, labelling according to eye shape, eye size, hairstyle or number of chromosomes is even less exciting. So let’s try to make a world are really true understanding place where we were all able to proudly say I AM.’


And finally

Yesterday was undoubtedly one for being in the warm at home. However several brave souls joined me at school and spent several hours eating curry/meatballs and watching rugby as decribed on Lisa’s ‘What’s on ?’ email sent on Friday.

Unfortunately from England’s point of view the rugby didn’t match the food, prepared by Emma Saunders and Lisa Meek, but there’s always next year!

Thanks to the contributions for food and drink over the course of the Six Nations competition we have raised over £150 for the GHS Foundation.


Come with GHS to watch Leicester Tigers

I am planning to take a couple of minibuses to watch Leicester Tigers v Newcastle Falcons on Friday 27th April and would be delighted if anyone wants to join the party.

Tickets (to include entry and transport) will cost £30 for adults and £15 for children. Please contact me asap as I need to confirm very shortly.


I look forward to seeing many of you either on touchlines or at performances of Splash!

Wishing you a good week

John Crofts

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